Foot and mouth disease,
Information received on 29/11/2018 from Dr Patrick Chikungwa, Director of Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development, Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation an Water Development, LILONGWE, Malawi
Report type Immediate notification
Date of start of the event 27/10/2018
Date of confirmation of the event 14/11/2018
Report date 29/11/2018
Date submitted to OIE 29/11/2018
Reason for notification New strain of a listed disease in the country
Causal agent Foot and mouth disease virus
Serotype Not Sampled
Nature of diagnosis Suspicion, Clinical
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country
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New outbreaks (1)
Outbreak 1 (MLW/11/2018) Nyondo dip tank, Chitipa, Northern
Date of start of the outbreak 27/10/2018
Outbreak status Continuing (or date resolved not provided)
Epidemiological unit Village
Affected animals
Species Susceptible Cases Deaths Killed and disposed of Slaughtered
Cattle 1300 38 0 0 0
Affected population The population usually have a common watering point, the Songwe river, which borders Malawi and Tanzania. The district also borders with Tanzania and Zambia. One farmer introduced new animals to the area sourced from a different location within the surrounding districts.
Summary of outbreaks Total outbreaks: 1
Total animals affected
Species Susceptible Cases Deaths Killed and disposed of Slaughtered
Cattle 1300 38 0 0 0
Outbreak statistics
Species Apparent morbidity rate Apparent mortality rate Apparent case fatality rate Proportion susceptible animals lost*
Cattle 2.92% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
*Removed from the susceptible population through death, destruction and/or slaughter
Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection
  • Introduction of new live animals
  • Illegal movement of animals
  • Animals in transit
  • Contact with infected animal(s) at grazing/watering
Epidemiological comments There was an introduction of new animals by the middlemen who supply to processors. The animals were sourced from neighboring countries' districts. Only blood samples were collected for NSP ELISA, which came out positive for foot and mouth disease virus.
Control measures
Measures applied
  • Movement control inside the country
  • Surveillance outside containment and/or protection zone
  • Quarantine
  • Vaccination permitted (if a vaccine exists)
  • No treatment of affected animals
Measures to be applied
  • Vaccination in response to the outbreak (s)
  • Disinfection
Future Reporting
The event is continuing. Weekly follow-up reports will be submitted.
Map of outbreak locations