Classical swine fever,
Information received on 08/06/2020 from Dr Geraldo Marcos De Moraes, Director, Departamento de Salud Animal e Insumos Pecuarios, Ministerio de Agricultura,Ganaderķa y Abastecimiento, Brasilia , Brazil
Report type Follow-up report No. 16 (Final report)
Date of start of the event 25/08/2018
Date of confirmation of the event 06/10/2018
Report date 08/06/2020
Date submitted to OIE 08/06/2020
Date event resolved 12/11/2019
Reason for notification Recurrence of a listed disease
Date of previous occurrence 20/08/2009
Manifestation of disease Clinical disease
Causal agent Classical swine fever virus
Nature of diagnosis Laboratory (advanced)
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country
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Follow-up report No. 16 (08/06/2020)
Outbreaks There are no new outbreaks in this report
Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection
  • Unknown or inconclusive
Epidemiological comments There are no new outbreaks in this report. All outbreaks of the event have been resolved. Surveillance for the detection of suspicion of classical swine fever (CSF) continues throughout the country, movement of animals and risk products from the States of the infected zone to the States of the free zone still being prohibited. A strategic surveillance plan for CSF specific to the epidemiological, socioeconomic and environmental reality is being implemented in the north and northeast regions of the country, with the objective of controlling and eradicating CSF. It comprises training the Official Veterinary Service, reinforcement of passive surveillance for swine hemorrhagic diseases, financial contributions, cooperation at inter-institutional level and with all stakeholders in the production sector, as well as implementation of systematic vaccination against CSF.
Control measures
Measures applied
  • Zoning
  • Disinfection
  • Stamping out
  • Official disposal of carcasses, by-products and waste
  • Official destruction of animal products
  • Traceability
  • Surveillance within containment and/or protection zone
  • Surveillance outside containment and/or protection zone
  • Movement control inside the country
  • Vaccination prohibited
  • No treatment of affected animals
Measures to be applied
  • No other measures
Future Reporting
The event is resolved. No more reports will be submitted.