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World Animal Health Information Database (WAHIS) Interface

The WAHIS Interface provides access to all data held within OIE's new World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS). It replaces and significantly extends the former web interface named Handistatus II System.

A comprehensive range of information is available from:
• immediate notifications and follow-up reports submitted by Country / Territory Members notifying exceptional epidemiological events current in their territory
• six-monthly reports stating the health status of OIE-listed diseases in each Country / Territory.
• annual reports providing health information and information on the veterinary staff, laboratories and vaccines, etc.

Information about a specified country, including exceptional disease event reports, animal health status, veterinary services, population, vaccination, etc


Lists and maps of the prophylactic and control measures used by countries and by disease.

Information about a particular disease, including global disease distribution maps, outbreaks maps, lists of countries indicating their sanitary statuses, etc.