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Acknowledging the important role that Health Services and health systems play in reducing biological threats by building resilience against animal disease and zoonoses, the OIE, in close collaboration with the WHO, is hosting a Global Conference on Biological Threat Reduction in Paris (30 June – 2 July 2015).

The conference will put biological threat reduction on the agenda of Veterinary Services in all 180 OIE Member Countries; strengthen links between the health and security community by engaging key partners in public health, animal health and the security sector; promote international human and animal health frameworks as a key to reducing biological threats; and develop a road map focussed on enhancing and coordinating existing mechanisms for scientist outreach and the strengthening of health systems.

The meeting will host up to 400 participants including: relevant international organisations, official National Delegates of OIE Member Countries, leading scientific experts, donors, and stakeholders from animal production and trade, animal health and welfare, public health and security communities.

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