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All around the world, animal disease agents, including those transmissible to humans, have the potential to escape by accident from laboratories or to be used as biological weapons because of their wide ranging economic, health and social impacts and their potential availability.

In light of the fact that 80% of pathogens that could potentially be used for bioterrorism are of animal origin, the OIE is working to ensure that our world is safe and secure from the accidental or intentional release of animal pathogens (including all those transmissible to humans).

Organised by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO), this meeting will focus on enhancing collaboration and on building a consensus for action to strengthen the ability of public and animal health systems to prevent, detect and respond to all biological threats whether they are deliberate, accidental or natural. The OIE global conference on ‪‎biothreat reduction will be the first of its kind - bringing together the key players from the ‪‎OIE, ‪‎WHO, ‪‎INTERPOL, ‪United Nations of Disarmament Affairs, Biological Weapons Convention, ‪‎FAO national governments representatives from Health and Security Communities from more than 120 Countries are invited.


INTERVIEW REQUESTS: Interviews with participants may be arranged, subject to availability, throughout the Conference, by appointment only and with at least 24 hours’ notice.

ACCREDITATION REQUIRED: Please return this form no later than Friday 26 June 2015. No admittance will be granted without prior accreditation.

Members of the Press are invited only to the following :

Tuesday 30 June 2015


Introductory remarks

Dr Bernard Vallat
Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins


Keynote perspectives

(15 min each)

Chair: Juan Lubroth



- The importance of intergovernmental standards in reducing biological threats arising from accidents, nature and deliberate acts Bernard Vallat


- The nature of disease emergence William B. Karesh


- Infectious disease disasters David Nabarro





- Creating synergy between health and security sectors Kenneth Myers


- The use of animal pathogens as biological weapons agents throughout history Raymond Allan


- The risks and the benefits provided by synthetic biology Piers Millett



12:30 -14:00

Press Conference

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